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Thomas “Tommy”  Mickens –

President & CEO


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Thomas “Tommy” Mickens – President & CEO

Personal Experience:

  • Group and Personal Training Director, The Tommy Experience LLC
  • 24 years of progressive experience as a Fitness Consultant
  • Provides information on fitness, health,: and wellness education information consistent with all relevant professional standards
  • Develops and collaborates as well as delivers customized wellness programs in a professional way.


What We Do:

We enrich the lives and quality of life of our senior community by being proactive rather than reactive. With an array of services centered on effective, non-strenuous physical activity, coupled with the most important ingredient of all —LOVE— our customized programs maximize cognitive stimulation, improve natural ranges of motion, and rejuvenate the spirit of today’s senior community.


Results-Oriented Certified Personal Training

We provide professional certified personal training with a passion for designing exercise and nutrition programs for Seniors that maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, cognitive ability, increase stamina, and develop an overall sense of well-being.  Personal trainers coach and motivate seniors, and create an environment where wellness goals are heard, nurtured, and executed producing lifetime results. We demonstrate proven business acumen combined with practical experience and formal training in the areas of coaching and leadership, health, and fitness.


Our trainers:

  • Handle and maintain customer confidentiality as well as complies with all industry guidelines.
  • Assist with the daily activities of the organization.
  • Maintain all clinical data documents and submits documentation timely
  • Possess extensive knowledge regarding fitness, exercise, health and health behavior changes.
  • Provide comprehensive knowledge of weight management, nutrition, fitness and group classes
  • Demonstrate an out-going personality, are self motivated, proactive, and energetic, with good organizational skills.
  • Have the ability to inspire and motivate people to reach their goals.
  • Demonstrate patience with excellent research skills.
  • Possess the knowledge of basic computer applications like Microsoft word, Excel and the Internet.



Adelphi University, Long Island, New York.


Areas of Strength:

  • YOGA


We at The Tommy Experience have concentrated on building certain types of generic expertise and skills without restricting ourselves to applying them in particular ways. By distinguishing ourselves not by what we provide but by the style in which we operate, we have maintained a strong sense of focus and a clear picture of the people, practices, and resources we need, without narrowing our purpose.

Other organizations risk placing themselves at a disadvantage when they allow themselves to become defined by what they do, rather than by how they do it, because the environments in which almost everyone operates today has become extraordinarily dynamic. And as the competitive environment changes, The Tommy Experience simply find new ways to apply the impressive generic capabilities they have achieved.



Thomas Mickens of The Tommy Experience


The Tommy Experience has made it clear that we can and will take on any assignment the senior health community see fits to assign to us, no questions asked. This is not an idle boast.  From 2008 to 2012, The Tommy Experience has been called on to provide its services to senior communities with huge budgets to senior communities in the most deprived areas of New York City.  Given this sort of range, it might be easy to misread The Tommy Experience as unfocused.

But in fact The Tommy Experience has a clear mission–one that’s tied to its capabilities rather than to the types of facilities it handles. That mission? To be the number one provider of Senior health and wellness services in the world! The Tommy Experience is invaluable not because other companies can’t perform the services we provide, but because we provide these services faster and more effectively.  It is the care, love and dedication to our clientele that defines The Tommy Experience.

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Amazing…I love that you are giving back. Praise God and your story is so moving that it inspires me that in my daily walk I can change and stay healthy. I’m not a senior but I need to take better care of my temple (my body)….thanks again for the inspiration.

  2. Dear Mr. Mickens:

    I met you very briefly years ago (1989) and was very impressed. I worked briefly with Bob Simels (and I think I know how you feel about him) and worked on some motions for your case. I only stayed with Bob for a couple of months and returned to Alabama to my civil rights and criminal defense practice. But I often have thought about how tragic it was that you went away. I felt you already had put all in the past and had a fabulous future. Well, from what I read in the NY Times today, I was right and it was just delayed a bit. I knew you would be a great success at whatever you chose and the fact that it involves helping others, and especially the elderly is just spectacular. I wish you continued great success. Looks like the future for your business is limitless. If there is any way I can help, please let me know. Very exciting prospects. I hope you do expand to DC and have great success and bring great joy to people there too. Take care,

    David Schoen

  3. I too watched a good friend suffer and die due to bad eating and lack of exercise. I am constantly telling others to eat healthy foods and get up and move. It’s the only way to live so that we are living with bodies that feel good.

  4. I watched you and your story on WPIX this morning. I am in love with the love you have extended to your seniors. They seem to be the forgotten ones. You have brought health and joy back into their lives. Keep doing what your doing, you are to be commended. Well done!

  5. A mind is a terrible thing to waste…The body houses the mind.
    God is great! He keeps blessing those who diligently seek him.
    Our body is a temple.

  6. I am not surprised at all of reading this article. This is such a blessing for you. You helping seniors is no surprise. I met you when you was 23 in Los Angeles, Keep up the good work.

  7. Tommy:

    I really like your approach to helping people. I am a Senior Fitness Coach and a Nutrition Coach (both earned through NASM) and have a Masters Degree in Nutrition. I cannot call myself a Nutritionist because I am not a Registered Dietitian. I am, however, as knowledgeable as a Dietitian but realize the requirements necessary for speaking to groups. If I can be useful to your organization, please contact me.

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